My Path to Lead The Way ~ #ACLU

Last year I started getting active with my local ACLU chapter. I became a member, attended my first virtual conference, and stepped up to lead my chapter in my county.

Looking forward and to the current time, while sitting at the chair position for my county, I attended our 2022 Action Conference, and I stepped up to be a Lobby Captain. It was so uplifting and showed me some things about myself that I had no idea existed.

Here is what I learned in these past two years of volunteering:

  1. I am a pretty strong leader. I am able to delegate and listen. I do not always have to be in the spotlight.
  2. There is such a thing as a beautiful divide among people. I love that we are all different and unique in our own ways. Our differences are not ugly or negative. They are beautiful when they work together on a common goal.
  3. I know that this is the right career path for me, and I am on track to live the rest of my life happy when I find a career within this specialization of career fields.
  4. A voice is powerful, and stories have meaning to our elected staff and legislators.

I am sure as time goes on that this list will grow with knowledge and experience gained through helping my community, but after two weeks of working with amazing people, I had to share these feelings of success with you.

In Community,


7 thoughts on “My Path to Lead The Way ~ #ACLU

  1. Isn’t it funny how we just sort of stumble into the place we were always meant to be? You are a perfect fit for what you’re doing with the ACLU today, and I can’t wait to see how your future path unfolds! Carry on, my friend!

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    • It was a cool stumble for sure. I was dating a guy who had been wrongfully accused and convicted, and it started the path that I am on. Add my legal problems with the kids, and I found my way. Thanks so much for all the love and support, my dear friend! Your comments made me smile and feel good about my path even more.

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      • Personal experience makes the job you’re doing even more meaningful for you! You are going places, going to be the catalyst for helping many people … I can feel it! I’m happy I made you smile … it’s healthy for you!

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      • That’s a really good point to make 🙂 about the personal experience. I figure just one person being helped makes the difference. Even if it didn’t work out for me, I can use that to help someone who is beginning to walk in the shoes that I had to.

        I have to remember to switch between users when commenting 😀 I was like “Ooops!”

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      • I agree with you on that! I’ve long said that if I can convince just one person to listen, to see, to take off their blinders, then I’ve accomplished something. There are so many out there who need your help … you won’t get rich in terms of money, but you will be rich in so many other ways.

        Ha ha … yes, I’ve done that before!

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