[Honouring] Dr. Martin Luther King … — Filosofa’s Word

If you look inside my personal dictionary, you would see “A life worth celebrating” as the definition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He will always be one of my influencers, and I do idolize him. Even though James Earl Ray took him from the world far too soon, his voice lives in the souls of those that loved and respected him. His voice sings into the ears of the people who are just now learning his name, and his memory sits with the fallen heroes that fell in the fight for social justice.

Thank you, Dr. King for making me a better person.

Please take some time to read what Jill has shared below. Click the link to read the entire article.

Today is Martin Luther King Day, a federal holiday in the United States to honour one of the greatest men who ever lived in this country.  I first wrote this tribute to Dr. King in 2017, and each year I reprise it, with slight changes or minor additions, for I find that it still says […]

Honouring Dr. Martin Luther King … — Filosofa’s Word

6 thoughts on “[Honouring] Dr. Martin Luther King … — Filosofa’s Word

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this important tribute, my friend! I actually saw MLK speak once, in … either Oregon or Washington (the state), I don’t remember which. I was only a child, but even so I recognized the passion in his words and it’s something I’ve never forgotten. I wish we had one like him here today … we need him! Thanks again! ❤

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    • You’re welcome, Sis! Can you imagine what the world would be like if he hadn’t been assassinated? I bet it was amazing to see him speak in person. Even though you were young, he’s unforgettable. Hugs and Loves Sis! 💗

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      • If he (and others) had been allowed to carry on their work, I fully believe this nation would be much more compassionate and less racist today. That is why he had to be killed, for the white supremacists could not allow that to happen. If there were another with his voice and his strength today, he, too, would be killed. Sigh. Hugs and loves back to you, dear Sis!!! Vacation time is coming to an end … and you’ll be totally immersed in the books again before long. Seems it has been much too short! ❤

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      • I totally agree. It would definitely be a world opposite of today. The hardest part for me is finding out the stories of these great men and women because of the tragedy of their deaths because of white fragility. If I could go back in time just for a moment to tell them that their words matter. sighing with you Vacation ended today, and I am already neck deep in work.

        I have a funny story about the keyboarding instructor. I had my first class with him tonight. Apparently, he teaches high school keyboarding and uses the procedure and rules PowerPoint with all of his classes. So now it makes sense of why he had all of those weird rules.

        The not-so-funny part is that the high schoolers may not know that he is violating their privacy. I would imagine parents allow it to happen, or they do not care to access the materials for their children. I feel like parents do not advocate for their children enough these days.

        I am going to try to check in more often this semester. I miss so much, and I want to share more of my journey on the blog. I have some super interesting classes this round. Love and hugs, Sis💗


  2. Vacation is officially over, eh? Well, at least you do have some fun classes scheduled this semester, and it’ll fly by! I do hope you can squeeze out a little time for yourself, though! Balance, my friend … it’s so important!

    I’m surprised that prof can get by with that at either the high school or college level! I still think you should have something really obnoxious on your laptop when he demands to see it! 🤣

    Love you, Sis … have a great semester ahead!!! ❤


    • It is definitely over for now, but I am more organized this semester, and it helps that only one of my classes are online. It seems like the online classes are more intense than the ones you attend in person.

      I have decided to make sure that I take time to do something fun in between, which means blogging for me. I will definitely not leave everyone in the dust this semester.

      I’m surprised about that too. It still feels like a huge invasion of privacy, and he’s kind of odd…so I’m not sure he knows that he is wrong. However, there is good news. I only have to attend class if I need help, in which I probably won’t. It’s basically a class about Word and typing, and I have been doing both probably longer than he has been alive 🤣😆😁
      Love you too, Sis! Thanks for always being in my corner 💗💗💗 How’s the hearing doing?


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