A Sign of the Times

My Screenshot of M-W’s Words of the Week

Good evening everyone! I just now sat back down to my blog after a full day of job assessments and job hunting. I did not get the position, which I kind of felt like I wouldn’t get it because I didn’t grow up in the area. I’m an outsider, ya know?

So, I go to my email, and I have my Words of the Week sitting there in my inbox. It’s the words that were searched the most on M-W’s website.

I felt like it was a sign of the times when I read them. I wanted to share.

I think “autonomy” is there because of the uptick of autonomous cars and robots.

Blackmail makes this world go around, so it made sense it was on the list.

The term “stare decisis” is being looked up after Justice Clarence Thomas came into the spotlight talking about it being timeworn and needing an update.

Leak is on there for the reason of the leaked documents of the Roe v. Wade draft, but seriously people? How do you not know the meaning of “leak“?

Continuing on from the last question, how do people not know the meaning of “overeducated“?

Sign of the times, I tell you.

*Huffs and sits back frustrated in my chair*

In Community,


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