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Beyond Words — Filosofa’s Word

I am reblogging this from my friend, Jill at Filosofa’s Word. Please take a moment and read Jill’s analysis of the current mass shooting epidemic that is happening and being swept under the rug along the lines of access to assault rifles. Let’s get another conversation started and figure out what actions we can takeContinue reading “Beyond Words — Filosofa’s Word”

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Second Amendment Thoughts Revisited — This, That, and The Other

Fandango at 5.0 analyzes the 2nd Amendment in this post, and I think everyone should read his analysis. It enforces what I was talking about in my Voices of the People post that I published last night regarding all of the shootings and massacres going on in the world. Please visit his post and startContinue reading “Second Amendment Thoughts Revisited — This, That, and The Other”

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