A “Principle Checkup” with Amy

Photo by Belle Co on Pexels.com

Professor Taboo over at The Professor’s Convatorium had a post called “Human Relations“, and inside of this post, Prof. asks nine questions. As I am reading the answers to the questions, I sat there thinking that I needed to answer them too, so…here I am. I am going to answer them with opinion and how they reflect my views on the subject matter, as is my right, but let it be known that I love a good debate and hate trolls. (I know…hate is a strong word…but trolls infuriate me.)

What is the number one need in every human’s life, or the mental-emotional-physical needs?
This is four questions in one really because we need one thing in each of those areas. Our main need in life is air to breath. Our mental need is stability. Our emotional need is love. Our physical need is sex.
Is our need for three-component love clearly, proactively, and accurately expressed to others? Do others correctly interpret that/those expression(s)? Why or why not?
I have not ever researched “three-component love”, but this is possibly because love is not what I expected to be. I think I have given up on romantic love, since the world has changed too much to find true love. I have love for my family and friend, and how that comes out in a given day is depending on who it is and what mood I’m in. It’s not my place to say if someone correctly or incorrectly interpret my love. I’m a take it or leave it kind of girl these days.
How many forms of love truly exist?
Sadly, I have no idea. I have one kind. If I love you, it’s forever.
What type of relations with other humans do we have in our lives? What types have we had in our past? Which ones worked best and which ones collapsed? Why and why not?
As much as I would like to answer this question, I have no idea who or what would go where. I can just say that in my life that I am still waiting for #5. Most of my relationships have been abusive or controlling, so I wouldn’t know what a balanced relationship looked or felt like.
Were some of your past relationships or current ones similar/identical or a sub-form of a Black Hole in outer space?
Umm. They were all black holes that sucked the life out of me. Every single one of them. Identical, life-sucking, black holes that went nowhere.
Were the expectations for the best or failed relationships reasonable or unreasonable expectations? Why and why not?
I always have unreasonable expectations in the people I have been in a relationship with. I am submissive by nature, and I put all my trust in too quickly. I always expect that if I am honest and loyal that they will be too. I have always been wrong. I have been cheated on in every relationship I have ever been in since my first kiss.
Where do our blueprints-of-relations originate? Do they flex and/or adapt over time to everchanging conditions, both environmentally and amongst our human daily/weekly engagements? Why or why not?
If by blueprints-of-relations you mean a sketch leading you around a healthy relationship, mine were drawn on the sidewalk in chalk on a rainy day. The only healthy relationship was the one that my grandmother and grandfather shared. My mother was a mess in relationships, and Dad was Dad (don’t want to elaborate). I have never had good models, and the love stories on television and in books give false hope that love exists.
Are certain man-made social-systems, ideologies, belief/faith systems flexible, adaptable, and sustainable from subatomic micro-levels to organic-human levels up to macro-levels of our Universe and the Cosmos? Why or why not?
My brain cannot process this multi-faceted question, but I am sure that I have no idea. Scientific things and love are just not my niche. The only thing I will say on the grounds of ideologies and faith/belief systems is that we gather the most human interaction in these kind of situations along with our parents and caregivers. When it comes to the Cosmos, only God knows.
Given the above (honest!) answers, am I at a healthy juncture? Am I thriving, becoming a more whole human-being? Or am I in need of (serious?) change, redirection, and/or bigger better refinements?
I think you are in a better healthy juncture than I am when it comes to human relations, Professor Taboo. There were many of these questions I had to put my stink on because that’s what relationships have been for me. You are doing great, and we can always refine things we want to do better.

In community,