Emma Jean ~ #BlogBattle

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The house sat miles away from the closest house, and the nearest town was nearly an hour away. The house had all the amenities that you would expect of an old country house. It was very pastoral all around, and the fields of sheep defined it as an old shepherd’s living quarters. It was nestled into the mountain, and the hills of the country flowed affluently with the cohesive nature of the area.

“Emma Jean! Come take the wash outside and put it on the line before it starts to smell in that dirty water!”

Emma heard her mother calling out to her and rolled her eyes. She turned the music up louder on the old antique radio that sat on her dresser and plopped back down on her bed.

Needless to say, the radio ended up in the field with a pastoral speech from her mother on why she was grounded for two weeks. She couldn’t turn up the music anymore.