A Hypothetical Dilemma of Ethics

I am going to write this hypothetically…to see what you guys think. I honestly need a bit of advice about this topic. I am very protective of my time, privileged information, and being subjected to gossip/nonsense when dealing with my education.

With that said, here are the issues and my questions of these “hypothetical” situations:

Issue and Question 1:

Imagine if you are a client, and your paralegal teaches pre-law students in the area of legal research and writing. It would be safe to say that such paralegal with a good legal education (completion of law school) should and would disclose whether or not they have been granted a release to use a case for teaching purposes.

My question is:

Without the disclosure to you, as a student, would you assume that the client has signed such a release, and should that release be provided with coursework in writing? How do you approach the hypothetical breach of the privilege of the instructor’s client?

Issue and Question 2:

Imagine that you are a student in a law-oriented writing class, and the professor discloses some information that you feel is protected under the attorney-client privilege. The clues given in class lead you to knowing what to search for to find the person they are talking about, and you find that person.

My question is:

Would you speak to the professor about your issue with divulging privileged information, or would you go to the person that oversees the law program? If you have a better relationship with the program director, does this change your answer?

Issue and Question 3:

Imagine that you have to sit in a classroom for nearly 4 hours listening to lecture. (Time is precious in this long of a class.)You would expect the professor to lecture and give supportive material to the reading in this time period. You would also expect that you would learn something in that 4 hours. Instead, you are given class materials in printed form, which are then read to you by the professor…with no learning methods applied to those materials.

No lecture…just a person reading to you in front of the class.

Imagine then after being read to for nearly an hour and a half of class time that you get told to take a 20 minute break. After the break is over, you go back to class expecting to begin the next part of the lecture, except you sit there for another 20 minutes while the instructor gossips, shows their Facebook and Instagram to talk about their cats, and takes forever to get back to lecture.

After realizing that there is only an hour of class left after all of this nonsense, the instructor rushes through over 100 slides…reading every single one to the class without any additional lecture.

My question is:

What would you do? Would you feel like your time is being wasted?

I will be eager to see what you would do in these hypotheticals…it’s a moral and ethical dilemma for a very eager pre-law student that needs our help 🧐 That may or may not be me.

(*disclaimer*: any information provided in this post may or may not be real facts)

In community,