A Very Important #FPQ from E.M. — The Ramblings of E.M. Kingston

I wanted to share my post from my creative writing blog to elaborate further on my sharing of Jill’s Great Replacement post.

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Photo by Life Matters on Pexels.com I was going through my emails, and I saw the most important question that I have seen for a while. The post included great information and education on real things that are going on in the world. If you know anything about me, you know that I use my […]

A Very Important #FPQ from E.M. — The Ramblings of E.M. Kingston

Emma Jean ~ #BlogBattle

Image Credit #BlogBattle

The house sat miles away from the closest house, and the nearest town was nearly an hour away. The house had all the amenities that you would expect of an old country house. It was very pastoral all around, and the fields of sheep defined it as an old shepherd’s living quarters. It was nestled into the mountain, and the hills of the country flowed affluently with the cohesive nature of the area.

“Emma Jean! Come take the wash outside and put it on the line before it starts to smell in that dirty water!”

Emma heard her mother calling out to her and rolled her eyes. She turned the music up louder on the old antique radio that sat on her dresser and plopped back down on her bed.

Needless to say, the radio ended up in the field with a pastoral speech from her mother on why she was grounded for two weeks. She couldn’t turn up the music anymore.

The Real “Great Replacement” Already Happened — Filosofa’s Word

I recently wrote a post on my creative writing site about racism in the United States, and I had to be honest when I wrote it that I had not heard of “The Great Replacement”…which is terrible that I did not know. I try to keep myself updated on new issues, and this one is so disturbing. My friend, Jill Dennison, wrote this very informative and educational post. Please go to her page and continue the discussion. It’s dire times we live in, so we need to discuss and work together on issues such as this.

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I’ve got a sad story to tell those people who have tied themselves to the lie known as the “Great Replacement theory” … the replacement has already happened.  Oh no, not in the way you think … white people are still a relevant portion of the population in the United States, and unfortunately, they still […]

The Real “Great Replacement” Already Happened — Filosofa’s Word

Insomnia with Amy

I cannot sleep to save my life tonight, and it’s always frustrating when this happens. I medicate to prevent this from happening. *shrugs* I supposed sometimes my mind and my body tell me kiss where the sun doesn’t shine. With that being said, I figured I would share some funny insomnia/sleep problems memes that are fitting for the occasion.

Here’s to making the best out of being exhausted and unable to sleep 🙂

1900s v. 2020 and Beyond

This image is of a civil rights demonstration in front of the White House in March of 1965.
Image Credit: Britannica
This photo was in Newport Beach, CA in 2020.

History just continues to repeat itself, which is not a good thing. Shall I continue?

Women protesting for their rights in 1916.
Photo by Burke and Atwell/LOC/Creative Commons
Abortion and women’s right activists in 2022 after the SCOTUS leak about Roe v. Wade.
Image Credit: Independent

Make it make sense…

In Community and Solidarity,


My Day is Good

Degree progress
Image by Amy Harvey

I am so excited this morning, and I wanted to share my joy with you. Above is a screenshot of my degree progress. My college finally applied all my transfer courses to my degree program, and I am sitting at a 3.76 GPA and 72% completion.

I had checked it yesterday, and the transfer classes were not updated. This made my day!

In Community,


To Tell the Truth

Photo by Mathias Reding on Pexels.com

The world is moving so fast that people have forgotten what we began with when it came to core values, morals, and ethics. I have always found it hard to find people who will not lie and whose goal is not to be deceptive. That sounds terrible, right? Well, I will add to that. Intentions. Intentions can be deceptive and real (truthful).

When I meet someone, I try to always figure out their intent of approaching me, talking to me, and trying to be in my life. I feel that if you look at a person’s intention that it is easier to tell what their end-game will be.

Let’s apply this theory to non-personal situations (that is, situations that happen in everyday life for everyone, not just yourself).

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

The Scenario

You are in the market to buy another vehicle because yours is on the fritz. You cannot afford a new one, but there are some used cars that you have been scoping out in newspaper advertisements and by “window-shopping” the classifieds online. You find the dream car, you hope, and you make an appointment to test drive the vehicle. Upon arrival, the dealer that is selling the car power washes the engine and does many other things that would look like the car was being beautified.

What do you think the intention of the used car dealer is?

This is a real scenario for me, and I had this happen to me when I got my Dodge Charger. It could happen to anyone, but I think that the dealer was trying to cover up an oil leak and in doing so caused electrical problems with my car.

Do you think the dealer’s intent was to hide a mechanical problem, or do you think that the dealer was trying to actually make the car look pretty for my arrival?

If washing the engine was to hide the mechanical problem, it was deceitful and a lie.

If I have a mechanical problem after the purchase because of the engine being washed, it’s a mistake.

If the dealer had no idea if the mechanical problem existed and washed the engine, it was not bad intent, and if the dealer had no idea the washing of the engine would cause issues, the intent was not in bad favor either.

The reason I am writing this post is because truthfulness is hidden in this world. You never know when someone is lying or telling the truth. I think that we live in a world of deceptiveness and dishonesty. There is no honor, loyalty, honesty, and patience in this fucked up world. It’s just lies, oppression, dishonesty, upheaval, unrest, and all the other words you could apply to a world with a failing democracy and failing morals and ethics.

People that are supposed to be transparent are too busy covering up their lies and deceit. Radical measures to control people is the number one goal of our government. If you speak the truth in this era, it will get a target put on your back. There are too many gray hazy areas. There are too many hidden intentions. There are too many people searching for power and control.

All I can ask is, “Why?” Why are we like this? Do we have core values anymore, or has deceit become the national standard of life in this country? Is oppression worth more than peace?

Sadly, I do not know anyone who can answer these questions. I live in a world of distrust.

We have to do better to be better, folks.

In Community,


WHOA … The Hypocrisy!!!

This is another must-read from my friend , Jill, over at Filosofa’s Word. Please go read her post and continue the conversation on these important issues.

In Community,

Filosofa's Word

What, exactly, is the ‘Right to Life’?  Whose life?  To what extent are we willing to go to preserve life?  And what, exactly is life?  I’m frankly sick of hearing people say they are “pro-life” when all they really mean is they are against abortion.  Something in the news yesterday, though, connected some dots and made me stop … and after a bit of cursing and punching the coffee pot for not heating quickly enough, I sat down and said, “WHOA … the hypocrisy!!!!”  What was that something?  The second mass shooting of the weekend yesterday afternoon in a grocery store in a predominantly Black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York, where at last count, 13 people were shot, 10 murdered.  Folks, let me make something perfectly clear here:  the nearly-uncontrolled right to own guns is completely inconsistent with the right to life.  Completely.  If a person buys a gun…

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A Day of Rest

Good morning to you! I am so thankful for those that have began following me and my journey. I am thankful for having a voice this morning. It is a beautiful day, and I am spending my morning with my faith.

If you ever want an inspiring Sunday morning, I invite you to come to my online church. Pastor Joseph and the Care Group on GRC Online are all very educational and inspirational. There are several times you can attend service.

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but I have a hard time allowing myself to rest. I feel guilty when I rest. I feel like I have not done my job when I rest. How do I fix that?

Care group said “Relax…like Jesus is relaxed.” He withdrew from the demands and the pressure of life, and he took time to pray and found social time with His people and His friends.

Social time with friends is replenishing on a time to relax. I am learning how to do this. I am learning how to relax and rest. I can learn to reflect on my week, talk about it with friends/family, and relax. Enjoy the time with the world is something I need to enjoy on this day of rest.

I hope that this post finds your unrest, and that it will help you learn with me on how to relax.

In Community,

A Dedication to Mocha Cha Cha 🐶😪 — The Ramblings of E.M. Kingston

It’s been a rough two days. I am slowly getting caught up on messages and current events. This one hurts. I am terrible with loss.

(E.M. Kingston is my pen name, so feel free to follow both.)

My daughter’s puppy, Mocha, passed away at 2 a.m. this morning (5/10/2022), and it broke all of our hearts. She went suddenly without time to take her to be examined. One minute she was fine, and the next minute she was gone. We have been grieving for two days. She was a special little fur […]

A Dedication to Mocha Cha Cha 🐶😪 — The Ramblings of E.M. Kingston

Religious Fanatics in Red Caps and Black Robes — LUNA

Please be sure to read this post shared by The Poetry Bar by the author Geoffrey Reilly. His site is called Bending The Needle – Truth Hurts.

It is now becoming a common consensus (since the leaked draft) that we are approaching what The Handmaid’s Tale was edging toward in theory. We have turned into a country that has no voice unless you are the societal norm of a radical white conservative male.

This poem emphasizes that (and more) very thoroughly.

Religious fanatics in red caps and black robesChoice Appomattox and transvaginal probesBeaten and raped, then told what to doStripped of your voice, no autonomous you Back-alley midwives with buckets and hangersForced into action, like fierce Margret SangersMatt K and Sam A, don’t care what you thinkJudge Thomas and Barrett drown Roe in the sink Ejaculate…

Religious Fanatics in Red Caps and Black Robes — LUNA

I Thought We Were Better … — Filosofa’s Word

My good friend, Jill, always has a way to express the things I am thinking about. As American people, we should fear that super-precedents are being put on a chopping block, and we should also fear that we do not accept difference is people, views, religious preference, and anything else that is away from radical conservative norms. We have had so much change for the worse in this country. The oppression will continue because only certain voices are heard.

In Community,


P.S. Please be sure to read the full article on Jill’s site.

In countries like Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and many others, one man or group of men (it’s always men, never women) control the people, their actions & behaviours.  But in a democracy, a true democracy, it is the voice of the majority that determines the laws of the land.  The United States was founded as […]

I Thought We Were Better … — Filosofa’s Word

A Sign of the Times

My Screenshot of M-W’s Words of the Week

Good evening everyone! I just now sat back down to my blog after a full day of job assessments and job hunting. I did not get the position, which I kind of felt like I wouldn’t get it because I didn’t grow up in the area. I’m an outsider, ya know?

So, I go to my email, and I have my Words of the Week sitting there in my inbox. It’s the words that were searched the most on M-W’s website.

I felt like it was a sign of the times when I read them. I wanted to share.

I think “autonomy” is there because of the uptick of autonomous cars and robots.

Blackmail makes this world go around, so it made sense it was on the list.

The term “stare decisis” is being looked up after Justice Clarence Thomas came into the spotlight talking about it being timeworn and needing an update.

Leak is on there for the reason of the leaked documents of the Roe v. Wade draft, but seriously people? How do you not know the meaning of “leak“?

Continuing on from the last question, how do people not know the meaning of “overeducated“?

Sign of the times, I tell you.

*Huffs and sits back frustrated in my chair*

In Community,


Ramifications [Reblog]

This post by Fandango is a must-read article about the Electoral College and its effects on the Roe draft that I have been talking about. He highlights some very important information. It’s very important that we, as citizens, try to begin fixing what our lack of participation in the countries biggest issues has caused.

Silence is violence…our voices are mandatory!

In Community,


This, That, and the Other

Yes, I’m still angry about the leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court that points to a decision by the Court to overturn Roe v. Wade with respect to legal abortions in the United States. That decision is likely to be supported by all of the conservative justices in either a 6-3 decision or, if Chief Justice John Roberts decides to vote against making abortions illegal, by a 5-4 decision.

As you think about the ramifications of this decision, it is worth remembering something. The office of the President of the United States is the only political office in the land that is not decided by the popular vote. The vehicle that determines who wins a presidential election is the Electoral College, an antiquated and antidemocratic part of the U.S. Constitution.

The Electoral College was created for two reasons. The first purpose was to create a buffer between the population…

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My Mind Never Stops

Amy is dressed for success!
Photo credit: Amy Harvey

Today has been productive in the aspect that I have continued on in my job search, and I did some other tasks that needed to get done. However, I think the job with the city has passed me by. I should have heard something yesterday or today, according to the director. Hence, this was why I was on a vigorous job search.

I looked professional, answered all my questions to the best of my ability, and everything else you are supposed to do in a job interview, but when it comes down to it, I am not strong with interviews. I get too nervous.

With that being said, I think I need to build those skills and focus my concentration on nailing a job interview. I know how to do the jobs I am applying for, but I suck at talking about myself.

Well, that’s enough of that…let’s talk about something that more important and bigger than little ole’ me.

Here’s my list of important things to begin the conversations in our communities:
  1. Roe v. Wade & The Leaked Documents
  2. ACLU Emergency Town Hall on Roe v. Wade
  3. The Criminalization of Menstrual Periods and Privacy Rights
  4. June 7, 2022 Primary Election
  5. Voter’s Choice Act (VCA)
  6. Lead The Way Legislation

Image Credit: Politico

The first topic is the most important one. If you have not read the leaked decision from SCOTUS, you can find it HERE on Politico. For my stance about Roe v. Wade, you can click HERE.

The first point that I want to point out is that this decision being leaked is going to be part of a bigger problem for other precedent-setting decisions and for other protections of the Constitution, like due process, privacy, government invasion, and more…While right now it is only a draft, it would take a miracle to change the minds of Supreme Court Justices that already knew they were going to overturn Roe before their appointment. *cough* (Amy Coney-Barrett is top on this list of problem justices.)

The Planned Parenthood v. Casey will be under attack along with Roe v. Wade because Casey reaffirmed Roe. In Casey, the question was whether a married woman had to tell her husband before they underwent an abortion.

Roe was egregiously wrong from the start…” and “…We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled…”

Justice Samuel Alito


1.outstandingly bad; shocking.

Lexico via Google

Those statements, folks, are pretty bold and radically conservative statements to say against a decision that has survived for nearly 50 years in this country.

He makes many more “egregious” statements, but let’s look at an even scarier statement:

“First, we explain the standard that our cases have used in determining whether the Fourteenth Amendment’s reference to “liberty” protects a particular right.”

Justice Samuel Alito

Seriously? Does he know the meaning of the word “liberty” at all? I wanted to be sure we all do, so I looked it up to share with you all. Britannica says that liberty is, “a state of freedom, especially as opposed to political subjection, imprisonment, or slavery.

There are some key words and phrases in there, like freedom and political subjection. Let’s define those words too…

Freedom, according to Lexico, is “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.”

Political subjection will be a little more obvious. Lexico defines subjection as, “The action of subjecting a country or person to one’s control, or the fact of being subjected.” Then, political would obviously mean pertaining to politics if you know the prefix and suffix rule of -al meaning pertaining to.


What will be the next thing that Justice Alito and his other cohorts fail to see as liberty or constitutional? What more does the government want to control? Will the NSA be able to track women to abortion clinics via cell phones and apps that steal our data? Will they get access to our medical records and criminalize irregular periods? Will HIPAA disappear for women and other genders in its entirety? With due process being a huge part of Roe, will you have a right to the protections of the 14th Amendment if you are a woman or other gender identity?

Those are questions that people do not realize are aligned with the Roe and Casey decisions. They make my stomach turn over because people are not taking these into account when they think about Roe.

Maybe this context from his opinion will resonate better than my words:

“One possibility was that the right was “founded .. . in the Ninth Amendment’s reservation of rights to the people.” Another was that the right was rooted in the First, Fourth, or Fifth Amendment, or in some combination of those provisions, and that this right had been “incorporated” into the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment just as many other Bill of Rights provisions had by then been incorporated.”

Supreme Court Justice Alito

That is a lot of amendments to address in a short amount of time that he is saying were roots and incorporations into the Bill of Rights. He is not shy about how he feels about it. (Page 9 of the leaked document)

Incorporated” is the word he uses on the protections of the Bill of Rights…in general and passive aggressively at the same time.

Long story short, the madness will not stop at Roe v. Wade. It will not stop at women’s rights, reproductive and otherwise. Think of all the things that the First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments protect, and then add the entire Bill of Rights and the actual and entire Constitution…

I will end with the ACLU Emergency Town Hall. It was at 12:30 PM PST on 5/5/2022, and some great people came together to talk about forcing women to stay pregnant against their will if Roe v. Wade was overturned. They talked about coming together as a community to have a stronger voice than those with opposition to abortion, since they are ultimately why Roe v. Wade is in trouble.

Silence is violence, folks!

I would urge you to go to take the pledge that you support reproductive freedom by going to http://aclu.org/abortion-pledge.

Here is a map of over half of the United States considered “Hostile” on the subject of abortion:

Image Source: ABC News
Information Source: Center for Reproductive Rights

If you need help getting in touch with your local ACLU or Reproductive Freedom Coalition, please reach out! I will help you find it!

If you are being criminalized for exercising your right to get an abortion, please reach out to your local ACLU or Reproductive Freedom organizations.

Click HERE for more information from ACLU concerning Roe v. Wade and forced pregnancy.

Click HERE for the surveillance OpEd about tracking students via public school computers and tracking those that seek out abortion clinics with applications on their cell phone and social media platforms. Scary stuff, folks.

That is all I have for tonight…I will continue with the other numbers on my list tomorrow evening.

In Community,


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