Voting 101 ~ California

Image Credit: ACLU NorCal

I know that we are all in different places, but I wanted to share this as an education the process to vote. This one is for ACLU NorCal, but please check your local ACLU for voting rights information in your area.

Click here to read the information from my local ACLU. I thought this could serve as a model to look for in your state.

If you need help finding your voting rights in your county and state, please do not hesitate to reach out for help. It’s your right to vote, and it’s all of our responsibilities to get out and cast our votes, especially in the primary.

This page will be under construction, since I want to add more voting resources.

Town Hall with GLP ~ #TheFight

Image Credit: Grassroots Law Project

If you have never heard of the Grassroots Law Project, I want to invite you to learn more about them, and I also would ask that you share this email with your followers as well. I welcome reblogs and good conversations about the current events and political unrest in our countries, mainly in the U.S.

GLP was founded by Shaun King, a political ally for minority folks, organizer, and activist with on-the-ground training in fighting the divide of the United States. You can read more about the project, HERE.

Grassroots is a great organization that helps so many people, and the town hall we had last night was talking about some of the neglects that we have been suffering from the White House not fulfilling promises.

Just a bit ago I got an email shared with me that President Biden would be issuing a policing order on George Floyd’s murder anniversary. Why did it take so long to get this kind of action on the table? It has been two years since he was murdered by Derek Chauvin, and other acts/legislation have not been taken seriously. Don’t get me wrong, okay. I am glad Biden is doing this policing order that will change use of force policies with law enforcement, but it’s taken half his administration time to get it done.

I made a promise to the team of GLP last night to commit to three years of action. I intend to keep that promise, so here I am talking to you all.

  1. I need at least five people, between my followers and your followers, to go and fill out this form: The Greatest Threat
  2. If you are able to, please donate to the project. GLP is transparent on how their donations are used and implemented to create change in the world, and you will also have a voice in how funds are used when you are involved with the project team. If you are unable to commit to a monthly donation, it’s okay. I know some folks are better off financially than other, and that will never be held against you or judged. I will never know if you donate or not, unless you decide to tell me.
  3. Step 3 comes after a donation, but it can be any monthly amount. I chose to donate $1 monthly for now (I plan to go to $10 when I get paid this month).This action will get you invited to a private team to work on issues in the sophisticated plan that Grassroots Law has drawn up.

If this feels like a solicitation, it kind of is, but it’s an actionable solicitation that is important and dire in a world that embraces oppression and violence.

Join me in fighting the good fight with 3 years of action dedicated to fighting for change and developing an energized team with outstanding organization that will gain influence in our government. Someone has to say something or organize to compete with opposing views, so we need to be the voice of the majority of the American people who want to see white supremacy squashed.

In solidarity,


Call Me Yoda…or Not!

Some of you are new to getting to know me, but I will just say that I spend a good majority of my life these days volunteering. I help with text banks, and I go to trainings to make myself better for my chapter members.

The past few days I have been texting voters in the San Francisco Area about District Attorney Chesa Boudin and about the measure called Prop H on the ballot for this primary on June 7.

It’s a basic text asking them to vote NO on Prop H. I do not get basic answers though in my replies, and it makes me both sad and happy at the same time for different reasons.

What makes me sad is that people feel like they have to degrade me for asking a simple question, “Will you vote NO on Prop H?” My patience and ability to allow some of the responses to not raise a hair on my head are why this post is named how it is. I have gotten many, “F YOU AMY” responses. My favorite is “SUCK A D..K AMY”. (I will also add that most of the rude comments have come from women.) There is also the other variation of “Go F Yourself, AMY”. All in a days work, right?

Another thing that makes me sad is the stories that people tell. You are working on someone else’s dime when sending these texts, but the legal helper side of me wants to know more and find out if the happenings in these folk’s lives are the real thing or not. For confidentiality reason, I cannot say what the stories were, but they were extensive and sad.

I will save that fight for another day though. I did the right thing and sent them to the legal help department and apologized for them going through such a hard time.

Moving on…

What made me happy was the vast number of people that said “Yes” and that thanked me for doing what I do. There were a lot of No answers, but they were very respectful and still appreciative or civil, depending on the situation of their choice to say the were voting to recall DA Boudin. Some had questions, and I did my best to answer them. All of these conversations ended on a positive note.

Back in my hot-headed days, I would have probably lost my volunteer status. 🤷🏼‍♀️