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I’m Still Standing…(even if on one foot 🤭)

Today was going to be a “catch-up on cleaning” day, but I was super unmotivated mostly. I did have to go out at 1 PM and put air in my tires on my car since some had lost some air while sitting. After messing with Delilah’s feet (tires), I had to go have mine lookedContinue reading “I’m Still Standing…(even if on one foot 🤭)”

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A “Principle Checkup” with Amy

Professor Taboo over at The Professor’s Convatorium had a post called “Human Relations“, and inside of this post, Prof. asks nine questions. As I am reading the answers to the questions, I sat there thinking that I needed to answer them too, so…here I am. I am going to answer them with opinion and howContinue reading “A “Principle Checkup” with Amy”

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Biliary Colic… and stuff

When I went on vacation with my sister at the beginning of April, I had a rough first night from a gallbladder attack. Well, it came creeping back again yesterday, but it was worst than the first time. I have been down all day today and most of yesterday. I think it’s time I wentContinue reading “Biliary Colic… and stuff”

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