My CNN 5 Things ~ 7/26/2022

I recently signed up to receive CNN’s 5 Things, which is a newsletter that comes to your email with the top 5 things happening around the world. This was the collection today: 1: January 6 Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to return to Washington, DC, today for the first time since leaving office. He is setContinue reading “My CNN 5 Things ~ 7/26/2022”

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The Past is Today and Tomorrow

As this country becomes more and more recognizable to me, I wanted to drop in and write about a few things that I will be watching. We had SCOTUS nominees commit perjury in their job interviews. If you or I did this in a job interview, and the employer found out, guess what would happen?Continue reading “The Past is Today and Tomorrow”

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The Voices of the People

The tragedies in Buffalo and Uvalde show us all how much hate there is in the world. I have written this post four different times and started over five times. That count could possibly go up immensely. I couldn’t make up my mind how political I wanted this post to be, and after two daysContinue reading “The Voices of the People”

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