Daily Prompt: Living Forever

Photo by Nina Uhlikova on Pexels.com

Do you want to live forever?


I could not imagine living forever, but I also fear dying and watching and feeling myself age.

The ideal situation would be vampirism, I suppose. I would have wanted to freeze myself from aging at around 30. I liked my 30s more than my 20s and 40s. I wouldn’t want to be stuck as a teenager or child because of all the trauma I experienced in those years. However, fangs to attack those that attacked me would have been awesome. I spent a large amount of my younger years being bullied and abused. Thank goodness I am not a person that holds grudges LOL.

When thinking of all that comes with vampirism and the myths…I am not sure that drinking blood and fearing the daylight would prove to be more desirable. There is always a choice of what is acceptable in our lives. Drinking blood and only coming out at night sounds like a better option than losing my life.

While it is unnatural to live forever, it’s also unnatural to be an immortal being. Is there really a choice?


I am not one of those that believe in heaven and hell. If I was to summarize my perception of heaven and hell, I would say that we are already living in hell, and when we die…we go back into the Earth and are reincarnated to live a different life. Life is energy, and it recycles itself. That’s why we get deja vu…

Now back to the question…no. I would not want to live forever. I would just want a life that I would never forget.

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Living Forever

    • Thanks, Keith! I fell in love with Vampire Diaries and The Originals. I even named my dogs after Klaus and Marcel on The Originals. I think there is a fantasy involved with vampirism because of the vampire movies and television shows. Even True Blood is highly appealing (probably due to the highly sexual nature of the show).


  1. When I was younger, perhaps in my 30s and early 40s, I thought that growing old would be a terrible thing and I hoped not to. But, it rather crept up on me without my noticing. When I pass by a mirror, I wonder who that old hag is and who let her in! But to answer the question, no, I would not want to live even to 100, for the years take a toll on both body and mind. I’m a non-believer, so I do not believe in heaven, hell, purgatory and such man-made constructs, and I’m not sure about reincarnation, but if such exists, I’m coming back as a wolf, my spirit animal! Not in the U.S., though, where they kill wolves for sport! I hope to live as long as I can retain my autonomy, drive when I need to go somewhere, and think coherently (some would say I’ve passed that point already!). Love ‘n hugs, Sis!!!

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    • Great answer, Sis! I think that I am at that stage that it feels horrible, and I have begun that walk by the mirror myself. My body reminds me daily that I am no longer in my 20s. With the foot and surgeries that I have had, my body fights me physically, but I am too stubborn to let it hold me down for too long.

      Time moves too fast. There are some days where I feel good about myself, and there are other times when I do the inspection in the mirror and feel bad. For me, I fear death and how I will die more than the aging. The aging does suck though. I have always been a young at heart kind of girl, and as I sit here alone in my room without a partner….I do wonder if I will ever find that person for myself. I am 46, and I suppose that doesn’t sound old…but it feels old for me.

      Someone can drive me around like Miss Daisy 😁🤣 LOL! I don’t much like driving, unless it’s around town where I can show off my hemi haha!

      Love ya Sis! Big Hugs!

      P.S. I think a wolf is a great spirit animal. That reminds me of an older Ozzy Osbourne song called Bark at the Moon. My spirit animal is an owl.


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