Catching Up

So, while I was away, my theme started asking me questions and giving me prompts when I start a post. That’s pretty awesome if you are trying to figure out what to write about.

LOL see how easily I am amused 🤣It feels awesome to be back!

I feel like I have been gone a year, but I think my last post was in August after my surgery. All has gone well with the surgery. I had my cast off within 11 days, and I do not have the nerve pain in my right arm anymore (except in my armpit, which is the torn labrum). Three days after that surgery, I started classes full-time, and I lost the time to spend with my blog and all of you.

Here are pictures of my hand and elbow:

My homework for my Introduction to Paralegalism was comparative to what I would be doing on the job, and an assignment with just 10 questions could turn out to be 7-10 pages depending on how layered the question was. I did well. It felt good at the end of the semester when my professor asked me for all the .docx files to use in future classes as an example of what she is looking for when students complete their homework.

This class also opened my eyes to the Pathway to Law Program, and I am currently working on my application for that. For the first time, it feels like law school is not far away.

My ETHN 001 class (Black American Studies) was so interesting, and I learned so much about my craft in that class. There was a needed discomfort in the course material, and I fell in love with my path even more with the addition of that class.

Legal Terminology was simple for me because I was familiar with all of the terms through case law research and past experiences with the legal system.

One of my elective classes was Sociology of Deviance, and that was a pretty cool class. It gave a different perspective on deviance on a variety of issues, like drug abuse, mental illness, privileged/underprivileged crimes, etc.

The last class was my Business Communications, which covered business plans, reports, letters, presentations, etc. I did complete that class with a 96%, and all grades are in for that one.

In other news, I did get to go watch my New Orleans Saints play the 49ers at Levi Stadium up in the San Jose area. It was fun, but I do prefer watching them at home and yelling at my television screen. 😂

As soon as my other four final grades post up, I will show you all the fruits of my labor. 😊


2 thoughts on “Catching Up

    • Thanks, Keith! Yeah they were very interesting classes, and next semester will be interesting as well. I will have legal writing, civil procedures, law and democracy, college keyboarding, and an English class. Amy


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