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I just got done with finals! It really was one of my hardest semesters of college, and I apologize that I had to go radio silent.

I love being here more than anything, but I am easily distracted. In order to achieve the highest success in my classes, I had to be quiet for a little bit.

It paid off! My grades are sitting pretty, and I am waiting on grades for 3 finals, a final presentation, and 2 homework assignments before my final grade reveals itself. My face has been buried in my laptop learning new skills in my trade, and I definitely got more knowledge than I could have imagined or expected.

You guys get me for a month before my next set of classes takes me away again. I have all kinds of news to share, and I have missed blogging with all of you!

In community,



11 thoughts on “Peek a Boo

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      • Yes you were, but what you were doing is SO VERY IMPORTANT … much more important than reading my mindless drivel! I’m very proud of you and what you’re doing … and I support you 100%! Love you too, dear Sis! ❤

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      • You are the best! I am glad that I have time to breathe and get back in the real world again. I always know that you got my back, and that is the best feeling in the world! Love ya bunches, Sis 🤎

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      • Most welcome! I actually slept for nearly 13 hours today, and I am still yawning lol. My brain says it is on vacation 🤣 I am building a nice library of books through this process, and I think I have become a bit of a book nerd LOL. Got any suggestions? ❤

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      • Oh my!!! If you could see my house, you’d know that here is something else we have in common! In my bedroom alone, I have 2 floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and two smaller ones, all filled to overflowing, stacks and boxes of books in every nook and cranny, a closet full of books, and several that I’m currently reading on the bed. This, in addition to a thousand or so on my Kindle!!! 🤣 Before I make any suggestions, though, give me some idea what you like … history, fiction, mysteries, suspense? Just don’t ask me for suggestions about romance books or touchy-feely sort, for I don’t read those! Love ya, Sis! ❤

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      • Another way we are alike…I don’t like squishy books or romantic ones. 😁 I think I have become more of a suspense/mystery and true crime addict. The other books I enjoy are of the vampire nature. My largest book collection is my Stephen King books and a series called The Black Dagger Brotherhood. The Brotherhood books can get a bit sexual but in a primeval sort of way. Those are about as touchy feely as I can stand. I’ve been building my Kindle, Audible, and Google Books online, and I have been filling my shelves with books that are in my educational wheelhouse, like My Grandmother’s Hands, White Fragility, and the New Jim Crow. History books are good for me too. I like both fiction and nonfiction the same. Love ya Sis! 💜


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