I made it home from surgery


7 thoughts on “I made it home from surgery

      • It seems that way now, but I bet by the end of those two weeks you’ll be shaking your head and asking yourself, “Where did the time go??? I just blinked and two weeks were gone … POOF!” Love you back, dear >Sis!!!

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      • Hah! I need that poof to happen 😁 I have gotten better with using my left hand to eat and use my mouse. I am succeeding in getting some things typed also without the voice commands. I feel super lucky and blessed! Love you!

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      • Heh heh … I’m definitely happy to know you’ve managed to eat with your left hand! Otherwise, you might have to eat like the kitties do, and that can be quite messy! So, are you all ready for classes to start? I’m so proud of you! Love you bunches, Sis!

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      • 🙂 I think if I had to eat like the kitties that it would be a sight to see haha! I am finally getting more use out of my hands now. I got the hard cast off of the top part of my hand and wrist on Monday (Thank goodness). It has been a learning curve lol. My classes started just a few days before the surgery, but my instructors have been amazing working with me. I definitely have a full workload already, but you know I am loving it 😀 Thanks for all the love and encouragement, Sis! Love you so much! I always feel bad when I am away.

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      • Don’t ever feel bad when you don’t have time to write! I understand … believe me, I am often days behind on correspondence and I don’t have the justifications you do!!! I do miss you, though! Glad to know your profs are being understanding about your situation and yeah, I know you’re loving it! Just don’t burn yourself out … you’re in it for the long haul, y’know! Enjoy your classes and take care of the wrist/hand! Love you bunches, sweet Sis!!! 💖


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