I’m Still Standing…(even if on one foot 🤭)

My nice little compression bandage and my ugly foot LOL

Today was going to be a “catch-up on cleaning” day, but I was super unmotivated mostly. I did have to go out at 1 PM and put air in my tires on my car since some had lost some air while sitting. After messing with Delilah’s feet (tires), I had to go have mine looked at.

My trip to Vegas reminded me that walking equaled pain, but I had made an appointment before we left. I have been having problems with my heels for quite some time, but I had never been to a foot doctor. So…I sucked it up and made the appointment.

Today, my appointment was at 3 PM, and I got home a little before 4. I was pretty spot-on with my self-diagnosis. It felt like I had bone spurs on my heels and plantar fasciitis in at least one of my feet. (Not the kind of spurs you put on your heels and then kick the horse, by the way 😁)The X-rays confirmed both of those, except I have both on both feet. He gave me a shot in my right heel (which hurt worse than labor…I nearly kicked him by reflex), and he put me in a compression bandage that I have to wear for at least 5 days to help me with the stretches I must do 5x a day.

I must add that my body is much older than my age and my mind, which I take after my Mom’s side of the family. Dad never complained when he was not feeling good or when he had pain. I wish I was more like that, but my body is full of issues that I cannot even hide from.

With that said, I am going to take me and my bum feet to bed to snuggle with my puppies.

Much love,


2 thoughts on “I’m Still Standing…(even if on one foot 🤭)

  1. Take care of those puppies. In the search of elegant shoes, women treat their feet poorly. Once my wife stopped working downtown, her feet got so much better not wearing those pumps every day.


    • Thanks Keith. I have always been one of those that only wears shoes when I have to. I have run around barefooted most of my life, and now I see why shoes were invented LOL. I used to wear a lot of high arched shoes with chunky heels too. My younger years seem to keep creeping back up on me to show me that I am old now 🙂


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