The Past is Today and Tomorrow

As this country becomes more and more recognizable to me, I wanted to drop in and write about a few things that I will be watching.

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  1. We had SCOTUS nominees commit perjury in their job interviews. If you or I did this in a job interview, and the employer found out, guess what would happen? We sure the hell wouldn’t keep our seat warm with that company, and a bad job reference to the next employer would follow.

    Lying under oath in a court of law is perjury, and if we do that, we get held in contempt of court. We go to jail. No one is supposed to be above the law, and I want to see some Articles of Impeachment on the congressional table along with a list of President Biden’s potential nominees to replace them. This country belongs to the people, and he works for us. Let’s get it done!
  2. The Uvalde police chief needs to surrender more than his council position. This is self-explanatory…he’s incompetent and got those babies killed.
  3. Jayland Walker was executed and maimed by nearly 90 bullets fired by the Blue. If you haven’t heard of this story, it’s atrocious and overkill. Click HERE to read the story.
  4. Moore v. Harper is a case to watch on the SCOTUS docket.
  5. House visits to justices have brought me happy tears. My favorite sign was “Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries” at Amy Coney Barrett’s house protest. It’s all over twitter if you want to hear the marches by her house.
  6. Most important! The 10th Amendment! The 10th Amendment has a very meaningful definition if you pay attention to it. (I will follow this up with a picture from my ConLaw book.)

    The definition from my book for the 10th Amendment says, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states, respectively, or to the people” (Hall, 2021). If you are new to ConLaw, your eyes are probably crossing, but I will spell it out a bit further.

    If a regulation infringes on Constitutional rights, the power of what happens to that regulation is in the hands of the people under this amendment. It’s not just supremacy and necessary and proper in the aspect of what people can do. Read that again. The people are the main aspect of the Constitution that SCOTUS and Congress forgets about. Let me show you:
This is a great guide from my textbook of the powers in the 10th Amendment. Citation below.

That first question and answer…is us! It’s our power if something encroaches on our liberties and rights. Why? I am so glad you asked! It’s because every person sitting in Congress and POTUS are voted into office by the PEOPLE. So, each and every one of them work for us.

This means that it is also up to us to put on the pressure to get results. That is how Roe got overturned. The radical asshats were louder and more pushy than we were causing them to be heard over us. They pushed harder than the pro-choice people.

Do you want to know how to fix it all?

…drum roll…


…drum roll…

Use Amendment X to our advantage by putting pressure on Congress to do our bidding.

To reiterate what the picture above asks and points out:

Does the regulation encroach upon civil liberties or rights of the people? If the answer is “Yes”, neither level of government can regulate the regulation (state or federal).

Let’s imagine a scenario for a moment where everyone who feels their civil liberties and/or rights have been trampled on by a piece of legislation or decision takes their case to court, writes to their congressmen and women, visits their state capitals, etc. The courts and the governmental officials are going to get really sick of hearing from us and from us making their dockets fill up with 10th Amendment afflictions.

Here is my olive branch. If you want to join me in finding folks that have been impacted by an encroachment of civil liberties and civil rights, contact me. Let’s see what we can get done together.

In community,



Hall, D. E., Feldmeier, J. (20210104). Constitutional Law: Govermental Powers and Individual Freedoms, 4th Edition. [[VitalSource Bookshelf version]]. Retrieved from vbk://9780135772621.


4 thoughts on “The Past is Today and Tomorrow

  1. Many thanks Amy. There are so many contradictions, that consistency is lacking. You can start with a court feeling it is OK to tell a woman what she does with her body, but it is not OK for the EPA to tell companies they must not pollute our environment with toxins and chemicals. One of the things I have observed the last thirty years, is politicians will change their opinions on a matter 180 degrees directly reflective of who is in power. I have also observed power be given to the state because one party thinks it will be in the majority there, but do the opposite if they think they will benefit from a federal ruling. It is highly inconsistent.

    What I do not care for his SCOTUS acting like politicians. We have enough of them. We got here because we moved away from the 6o vote requirement (even that did not always work) to 51 vote majority. Now, we have extreme voices on SCOTUS, which is wrong in my view. And, sadly, we have two justices who have been legitimately accused of sexual misconduct and were not properly vetted. That bothers me as well. They may be innocent, but they were not scrubbed beforehand.

    Good post, Keith

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    • I agree with all of that, Keith. I remember what you are talking about on how things have changed in the last 30 years. I was a teen back then, but my grandmother always watched the news. I never worried about what would happen to me from a government that had grown too large to contain itself or the political SCOTUS. In fact, you didn’t hear so many stories about decisions of the high court back then that I can remember…unless it was something hugely debated.

      With Trump in the firing line on the domestic terrorism of January 6th, you would think that there would be a way to get a strong case of impeachment against them too. The scrubbing needs to begin again. There’s entirely too much trash in big gov.

      Thanks for sharing your view 🙂 Always appreciated!

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      • Thanks Amy. To me it all began when tailored news (or should I say pseudo news) hit the air waves. Coupled with the information age, campaigning became a 24×7 occurrence. So, rather running off BS and governing off fact, we now govern off BS, because these networks point out when you deviate from what you said. Sadly, many know it is not true, but they have to run with the story, such as The Big Lie. Keith


      • Absolutely. That is a logical way of seeing how things have gotten so bad for sure. There are too many news outlets. Too many hens pecking in the yard, so to say, that are throwing their 2 cents in as long as it gives their career a boost. This is where most of the BS is coming from in my opinion. Career stories v. fact-finding journalism…


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