January 6th Hearings And A Snippet — Filosofa’s Word

I was going to write up my own summation of the Prime Time special about the January 6th insurrection, but my friend and sister, Jill Dennison, has written it the best I have seen yet.

I want to add that Bennie and Liz did a great job in their opening statements, and it shows that bipartisanship is possible. I think we will read those speeches in our history books, as they were honest addresses to the nation.

I am very curious what all is going to happen with these special event hearings and which Republicans were “asking for Presidential pardons” because I feel the convolution of psychotic ideas is going to go very deep into our democracy.

I also think that those telling the truth to the committee are very brave for standing up against a bully and terrorist to make sure someone is held accountable.

Please read Jill’s post and really take in her words. This is a conversation that needs to be had and made between constituents of our government’s political process. Voices always need to be heard. Hear Jill’s voice in her words.

In Community,


I mostly want to talk a bit about last night’s televised hearings, but also have another snippet … or maybe two … who knows?  🤷 January 6th Committee hearings I watched the televised hearings of the January 6th committee tonight, and I have to tell you, by the time they took a 10-minute recess after […]

January 6th Hearings And A Snippet — Filosofa’s Word

Published by Amy H

I am a writer, mother, activist, and passionate volunteer. I give voices to those that do not have one. I fight for change. I fight against white fragility. I fight for those that have lost their lives to our criminal legal system.

10 thoughts on “January 6th Hearings And A Snippet — Filosofa’s Word

  1. Many, many thanks for your kind words and for this reblog, dear Sis! We must … simply MUST pay attention to the evidence, for there are already plans being made to overthrow our votes in 2024 if the Republican Party doesn’t like the results of the election. Voting rights around the nation are being shredded, partisan hacks are being placed into positions responsible for election results, and much more. Thanks again, dear friend … you are a gem!

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    1. You bet! It was written perfectly! And…absolutely agree. They have already started trying to make it a partisan attack on the asshat of the century. I did get a little hope today when watching some of the interviews of analysts and lawyers. I do think there is a huge case being built, and I think these committee episodes will be what they have been authorized to release by DOJ and the FBI. I think the literal shit is about to hit the fan, and I cannot wait!

      Thanks for writing such a thorough article for all of us to read and learn from, my dear friend! You are the gem for sure!

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      1. I think that if Attorney General Merrick Garland doesn’t take the initiative after these hearings and prosecute not only Trump, but Eastman and every other person who was involved in the planning and execution of this attempted coup, we can expect a repeat in January 2025, if not before. If they get by with this, receive no more than a slap on the wrist, it will lead to violence and ultimately assassination, the overthrow of any semblance of a government “by the people, of the people, and for the people.” This is my biggest fear, for far too many are either on the side of the insurrectionists or else have simply become complacent.

        Thank you, Sis, for your kind words and this reblog. Let’s hope that our collective voices can make a difference. Hugs ‘n love!

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      2. You’re welcome, Sis! I worry about that 2024 bid too…I haven’t been able to watch the early hearings this week, but I am going to watch them this weekend. Hugs and lots of love!

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