The Voices of the People

The tragedies in Buffalo and Uvalde show us all how much hate there is in the world. I have written this post four different times and started over five times. That count could possibly go up immensely. I couldn’t make up my mind how political I wanted this post to be, and after two days of writing this post, here I am.

How do you put to words how a boy, who just turned into an adult, can go buy 2 guns in 2 days, take them home, kill his grandmother for being annoying, and then shoot up an elementary school?

How can privacy in this world be so bad that a maniac can find racially distinct demographic data on every human in the U.S, and worse, how do we explain how he uses that information to find a place to shoot people up based on their skin color?

Sickening. Madness. Disgraceful. Those are the only words I can find to describe domestic terrorism. I refuse to give these psychopaths a name on my site, as their names do not matter. They are terrorists of the worst kind. They prey on their own country men, women, and children.

I am tired of politicians justifying mass shootings with the mental condition of the psycho that steals people out of their lives. As someone who suffers from a mental illness, I know better than to go buy a gun and shoot people for no reason. I am tired of politicians hiding behind their little-minded worlds to protect their guns. I am all about protecting house and home, but assault rifles have no business on the streets or in the hands of regular citizens. The only people who should be using assault rifles is the Armed Forces.

Gun permits should always come with a waiting time before you can take home your weapon, and that waiting period should apply nationally. It should not matter who you are or what your pay grade is. It should not matter if you are the POTUS or just a girl sitting in her room writing about how gun laws need to change. NO ONE should be able to take home a weapon in a few minutes or a few hours, and you sure the hell should not be able to purchase guns several days in a row and build your arsenal to go and kill folks. NO ONE should be able to buy an assault rifle and automatic weapons.

The 2nd Amendment happened in a time when there were shoot outs in saloons and civil wars were happening. It was NEVER meant to be that any fool with a short fuse could go get a gun and shoot up anything they didn’t like or for no reason at all.

If you feel the same way I do, you must start using your voice. I will end this with a video from Stephen Kerr’s press conference yesterday. Listen to his words and emotion. He had a platform to use, and he used it. It’s time for me to use mine even more.

#IStandWithUvalde and #IStandWithBuffalo

Steve Kerr’s emotional speech on gun violence.

5 thoughts on “The Voices of the People

  1. The world is getting worse. I wonder how many even notice that. These mass shootings are happening more and more, always tragic. But the one in Buffalo is near where I live. This one really hits home.

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  2. Now is not the time for moments of silence
    Now is the time to be momentously loud
    Now is not the time for thoughts and prayers
    Now is the time to get off our knees and march
    Now is not the time to be apolitical
    Now is the time to demand change and effect action
    Now is not the time to coddle inert political cowards
    Now is the time to hold politicians accountable

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    • At first I gave moments of silence, and then I figured out that I needed to get louder instead of mourning in that sentiment. Absolutely agree on every “Now” point, grsbtn! It feels useless to just give thoughts and prayers when so many people and babies are dying 😦 I am working hard to find a way to make them accountable. The primary elections are super important. Thanks so much for the comment!

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