Biliary Colic… and stuff

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When I went on vacation with my sister at the beginning of April, I had a rough first night from a gallbladder attack. Well, it came creeping back again yesterday, but it was worst than the first time. I have been down all day today and most of yesterday. I think it’s time I went to get it checked out.

Biliary colic comes when you are having problems with your gallbladder duct that connects to your pancreas. It’s like cholecystitis and pancreatitis in one stomp of your whole body. It hurts under your rip, radiates to your back and to the area in between your shoulder blades.

It was no fun, but I am alive and kicking. I am still very sore in my abdomen and sometimes in my back. Ibuprofen is my best friend right now.

On the plus side, I have gotten into one of my classes early, and the instructor provided me with the text in a .pdf to save me some money. I was wrong about the time frame of the course, but I think it will be okay. This course is a whole 620+ pages, study guides, three exams, and discussion posts from May 31 to June 24.

Wish me luck! 🤞

13 thoughts on “Biliary Colic… and stuff

    • Spicy and greasy are definitely my gallbladder triggers. I don’t eat too much sugary food. I am more of a salty snacker 🙂 I do think this one was triggered by donuts and my green chili enchiladas 😦 I love both of those. I am going to find a doctor to see if I need an ultrasound. Thanks for sharing with me, and I am sorry you suffer these attacks too. They are so painful.

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    • It finally subsided this morning. I can still feel a bit of lingering pain from being so stiff, but I am much better today. I am going to have to give up some foods like you.


    • I am doing much better today, and I am searching for a new Family Practice doctor since mine put me in a “people like you” category at my last visit and made me cry when I was in a manic episode. 🙂 Love and hugs, Jilly!

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      • I’m very glad to hear you’re feeling better! Your doctor did WHAT??? THAT’s unconscionable!!! I’d report him! Good luck finding a new one … do it soon, for I think you do need to get that checked out before you have another gall bladder attack. Love and hugs, dear Amy!!!


      • I did report him, but being an ex-employee that left begrudgingly…they don’t listen to me. And…I spoke too soon. I am back having another attack, but I made an appointment with a new doctor for Friday at 11:45 a.m. my time. The pain has started again under my ta ta and radiating from my back 😦

        I am hoping this guy is better. He looks nice shrugs

        Love and hugs to the moon and back, my friend! I will probably be up all damn night lol.

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      • Fingers crossed that this new doc can find and fix the problem! This can’t be much fun for you! Take care, my friend, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for your speedy recovery! Or a miracle drug … whichever comes first. Hugs ‘n love!


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