The Real “Great Replacement” Already Happened — Filosofa’s Word

I recently wrote a post on my creative writing site about racism in the United States, and I had to be honest when I wrote it that I had not heard of “The Great Replacement”…which is terrible that I did not know. I try to keep myself updated on new issues, and this one is so disturbing. My friend, Jill Dennison, wrote this very informative and educational post. Please go to her page and continue the discussion. It’s dire times we live in, so we need to discuss and work together on issues such as this.

In Community,


I’ve got a sad story to tell those people who have tied themselves to the lie known as the “Great Replacement theory” … the replacement has already happened.  Oh no, not in the way you think … white people are still a relevant portion of the population in the United States, and unfortunately, they still […]

The Real “Great Replacement” Already Happened — Filosofa’s Word

10 thoughts on “The Real “Great Replacement” Already Happened — Filosofa’s Word

  1. This is a great post and one that is close to my heart. I live in an area that was for centuries the Onondaga Nation until the European American settlement in the late 1700s. These native Americans were kicked out or relocated. I’m sure some were killed. A terrible stain on American history that many prefer to keep swept under the carpet. I had intended to write a post on this. Its been in my draft folder

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    • It’s definitely a topic that is needing many voices to fix. Jill does a great job keeping the public informed. I cannot imagine what the Native Americans endured in those early years. It’s definitely a huge stain on our history and equals genocide in my eyes. They were the first victims of white supremacy. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you.

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  2. Many thanks for sharing my work, dear Amy!!! It seems that people forget the history of our nation … the true history, that is. They prefer to whitewash it and cover up the bad things like our treatment of the Indigenous People, slavery, Jim Crow, and the Japanese-American internment camps during WWII. It’s up to us to tell the facts that others would like to bury, for if we forget the lessons of history, we will for sure repeat it. Hugs, my friend!

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