Call Me Yoda…or Not!

Some of you are new to getting to know me, but I will just say that I spend a good majority of my life these days volunteering. I help with text banks, and I go to trainings to make myself better for my chapter members.

The past few days I have been texting voters in the San Francisco Area about District Attorney Chesa Boudin and about the measure called Prop H on the ballot for this primary on June 7.

It’s a basic text asking them to vote NO on Prop H. I do not get basic answers though in my replies, and it makes me both sad and happy at the same time for different reasons.

What makes me sad is that people feel like they have to degrade me for asking a simple question, “Will you vote NO on Prop H?” My patience and ability to allow some of the responses to not raise a hair on my head are why this post is named how it is. I have gotten many, “F YOU AMY” responses. My favorite is “SUCK A D..K AMY”. (I will also add that most of the rude comments have come from women.) There is also the other variation of “Go F Yourself, AMY”. All in a days work, right?

Another thing that makes me sad is the stories that people tell. You are working on someone else’s dime when sending these texts, but the legal helper side of me wants to know more and find out if the happenings in these folk’s lives are the real thing or not. For confidentiality reason, I cannot say what the stories were, but they were extensive and sad.

I will save that fight for another day though. I did the right thing and sent them to the legal help department and apologized for them going through such a hard time.

Moving on…

What made me happy was the vast number of people that said “Yes” and that thanked me for doing what I do. There were a lot of No answers, but they were very respectful and still appreciative or civil, depending on the situation of their choice to say the were voting to recall DA Boudin. Some had questions, and I did my best to answer them. All of these conversations ended on a positive note.

Back in my hot-headed days, I would have probably lost my volunteer status. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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