To Tell the Truth

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The world is moving so fast that people have forgotten what we began with when it came to core values, morals, and ethics. I have always found it hard to find people who will not lie and whose goal is not to be deceptive. That sounds terrible, right? Well, I will add to that. Intentions. Intentions can be deceptive and real (truthful).

When I meet someone, I try to always figure out their intent of approaching me, talking to me, and trying to be in my life. I feel that if you look at a person’s intention that it is easier to tell what their end-game will be.

Let’s apply this theory to non-personal situations (that is, situations that happen in everyday life for everyone, not just yourself).

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The Scenario

You are in the market to buy another vehicle because yours is on the fritz. You cannot afford a new one, but there are some used cars that you have been scoping out in newspaper advertisements and by “window-shopping” the classifieds online. You find the dream car, you hope, and you make an appointment to test drive the vehicle. Upon arrival, the dealer that is selling the car power washes the engine and does many other things that would look like the car was being beautified.

What do you think the intention of the used car dealer is?

This is a real scenario for me, and I had this happen to me when I got my Dodge Charger. It could happen to anyone, but I think that the dealer was trying to cover up an oil leak and in doing so caused electrical problems with my car.

Do you think the dealer’s intent was to hide a mechanical problem, or do you think that the dealer was trying to actually make the car look pretty for my arrival?

If washing the engine was to hide the mechanical problem, it was deceitful and a lie.

If I have a mechanical problem after the purchase because of the engine being washed, it’s a mistake.

If the dealer had no idea if the mechanical problem existed and washed the engine, it was not bad intent, and if the dealer had no idea the washing of the engine would cause issues, the intent was not in bad favor either.

The reason I am writing this post is because truthfulness is hidden in this world. You never know when someone is lying or telling the truth. I think that we live in a world of deceptiveness and dishonesty. There is no honor, loyalty, honesty, and patience in this fucked up world. It’s just lies, oppression, dishonesty, upheaval, unrest, and all the other words you could apply to a world with a failing democracy and failing morals and ethics.

People that are supposed to be transparent are too busy covering up their lies and deceit. Radical measures to control people is the number one goal of our government. If you speak the truth in this era, it will get a target put on your back. There are too many gray hazy areas. There are too many hidden intentions. There are too many people searching for power and control.

All I can ask is, “Why?” Why are we like this? Do we have core values anymore, or has deceit become the national standard of life in this country? Is oppression worth more than peace?

Sadly, I do not know anyone who can answer these questions. I live in a world of distrust.

We have to do better to be better, folks.

In Community,


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