A Day of Rest

Good morning to you! I am so thankful for those that have began following me and my journey. I am thankful for having a voice this morning. It is a beautiful day, and I am spending my morning with my faith.

If you ever want an inspiring Sunday morning, I invite you to come to my online church. Pastor Joseph and the Care Group on GRC Online are all very educational and inspirational. There are several times you can attend service.

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but I have a hard time allowing myself to rest. I feel guilty when I rest. I feel like I have not done my job when I rest. How do I fix that?

Care group said “Relax…like Jesus is relaxed.” He withdrew from the demands and the pressure of life, and he took time to pray and found social time with His people and His friends.

Social time with friends is replenishing on a time to relax. I am learning how to do this. I am learning how to relax and rest. I can learn to reflect on my week, talk about it with friends/family, and relax. Enjoy the time with the world is something I need to enjoy on this day of rest.

I hope that this post finds your unrest, and that it will help you learn with me on how to relax.

In Community,

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